How To: Little Girl Fish Hat

I went on a trip to Philadelphia this weekend and brought some leftover yarn along to fulfill my Thing-a-Day obligation and to have something to do in the car. This is the outcome: Here are the instructions: This hat has a circumference of 17 1/2 inches and will fit a … Continue reading

Teacher’s Pet

My friend told me that teachers prefer to get a bottle of wine or cash instead of the homemade kid art picture frame with the class picture, but I think this is a pretty cool end of the year gift: My daughter has a favorite art teacher she’s been following … Continue reading

Earring Pair No. 1

Here is my project for the year: I want to make 99 different pairs of earrings over the course of the next 12 months. That averages about 2 pairs a week. We’ll see how I fare with this resolution. This is the first pair of the year: For Christmas my … Continue reading


Since wedding season is upon us, here is an idea for a quick favor. These wine charms are for a bridal shower. Incidentally, we will also make them as a teacher-appreciation-day favor. All you need are wire hoops from a craft store or jewelry supply store, beads, and little favor … Continue reading

Wooly Beads – How to Make a Needlefelted Bead

Last week I made my first needle felted bead for the Thing-A-Day project. I’ve since been asked how to do this, so here is a brief tutorial. Needle felting, at least in my limited experience, is surprisingly easy. All you basically need is some carded wool fleece and a barbed … Continue reading

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