Tutorial: Zippered Pokemon Pencil Pouch

I’m ready to give my blog some love again and will start with a series of posts I wrote for the now defunct Crafty Daisies in 2007 and 2008. Here is a tutorial for a Pokemon Pencil case. My darling child has since moved on from Pokemon to Minecraft. Maybe … Continue reading


About a year ago, I decided to move away from plastic containers for my dry food storage and use glass jars instead. I now have a lovely collection of former wheat germ jars I use for rice, sugar, couscous, and so forth. For a while now, I’ve been planning to … Continue reading

Dry Feet – A Towel Mat Tutorial

We recently had to rethink our bath mat strategy after one too many cat accidents on the bath room rug. And here is the solution: a towel mat made of two older towels with colorful binding. Materials To make this mat, you need: two bath size towels a resident artist … Continue reading

Magnetic Magic

We moved a few months ago and the home improvement projects never seem to end. Now that we are tackling the kitchen, I finally was able to use the magnetic paint I bought, oh, five years ago. My plan was to create a gallery space for my daughter’s art. Here is the first part of the magic trick: Take 15 coats of magnetic paint. Continue reading

Travel Crafts: Beaded Ring Tutorial

A travel craft should be a small project you can easily stash away in your pocket or your bag. You should be able to work on it pretty much anywhere with few or no tools. Everything you need to make this ring can be tied into a handkerchief and squished … Continue reading

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