Tutorial: Zippered Pokemon Pencil Pouch

I’m ready to give my blog some love again and will start with a series of posts I wrote for the now defunct Crafty Daisies in 2007 and 2008. Here is a tutorial for a Pokemon Pencil case. My darling child has since moved on from Pokemon to Minecraft. Maybe … Continue reading

Eco Tags

As the spring season is about to kick off, I thought I’d take a stab at redesigning my hang tags. In the past I’ve just used my business cards, but since I will be participating in the eco-themed Spring Handmade Cavalcade, I decided to add another recycling touch to my … Continue reading

Sampler Eggs – Tutorial and Giveaway

I recently came into a large clutch of wooden eggs and have been wondering what to do with them that didn’t involve painting. So I present: the sampler eggs. These eggs are wrapped in fabric and embroidered with simple stitches you might find as part of an old fashioned embroidery … Continue reading

Teacher’s Pet

My friend told me that teachers prefer to get a bottle of wine or cash instead of the homemade kid art picture frame with the class picture, but I think this is a pretty cool end of the year gift: My daughter has a favorite art teacher she’s been following … Continue reading

Jenny Who?

I was going through some antique Needlecraft magazines I had received from my grandmother and found a little book called Knitting and Crochet. A Guide to the Use of The Needle and the Hook. It was edited by Jenny June. Curious to find out more about Jenny, I stumbled upon … Continue reading

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