New Year’s Treats

I think I had the best New Year’s Eve ever last year! It started out with sugar, a whole lot of it. We made marshmallows, using this recipe as recommended by the lovely Kayte, here. Followed by peppermint bark using this recipe. Since three’s a charm, we had to add … Continue reading

Sampler Eggs – Tutorial and Giveaway

I recently came into a large clutch of wooden eggs and have been wondering what to do with them that didn’t involve painting. So I present: the sampler eggs. These eggs are wrapped in fabric and embroidered with simple stitches you might find as part of an old fashioned embroidery … Continue reading

Wrapping Paper Thank You Cards

Boxing Day – time to upload your Christmas pictures, play with your new toys, and recycle your wrapping paper. We will spend the day making thank-you notes out of card stock, and leftover wrapping paper. (Actually, I’m cheating and using blank note cards). For this little craft I cut out … Continue reading

Fossils in my Kitchen

What a week. I had all these plans for the blog, but I’ll just post them next December. For now, we put the tree up on Sunday, 50% of the cards are out and today I’m making a last purchase from Kimmchi at a Starbucks downtown. It’s a situation straight … Continue reading

The Beacon and Hardware Stories

Just a few post-Thanksgiving impressions here. This beauty is called the Beacon. I bought it Thanksgiving morn from the talented Alicia, a fellow blogger and Etsy seller whose designs are inspired by geographical locations. It’s a Christmas present for my soon-to-be sister-in-law. If every time you visit a hardware store … Continue reading

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