Book Club Rules

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How it Works

Every 4-6 weeks we “discuss” a craft book as follows:

  • Make one project out of the book that is due for the next book club meet-up
  • Explain why you chose that project
  • Discuss the clarity of the instructions, the layout of the book, the illustrations, other projects in the book, and whether you liked the book or not
  • Suggest one book for the next book club

You can submit your discussion either as a comment the day of the book club meet-up or by email (mycraftevolution(at)gmail(dot)com). If you have pictures of your projects that you would like to share, email them to me or submit them to the Book Club Flickr group.

Finding the Book

As with any book club, this is not an endorsement of the featured book (of the ten or so books I read for my fiction book club I only liked three). If you already own the book under discussion, great, take a picture of your project and send me an email. If you think you want to join this endeavor, here are some ways to shop around for the book:

  • See if a friend already owns it and lets you borrow the book
  • Check with your local library (mine had three copies of this month’s book across the borough)
  • Compare prices (I bought this month’s book at list price, but have since seen it significantly cheaper online)

In other words, I don’t want you to get mad at me in case you buy the book and take an extreme dislike to it.

Past Discussions

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