Magnetic Magic

We moved a few months ago and the home improvement projects never seem to end. Now that we are tackling the kitchen, I finally was able to use the magnetic paint I bought, oh, five years ago. My plan was to create a gallery space for my daughter’s art. Here is the first part of the magic trick: Take 15 coats of magnetic paint.

15 Coats of Magnetic Paint

Followed by three coats of paint

Magnetic Paint Disappeared

Invisible powers hold up the current gallery displays:

Magic Gallery

Now I can change the exhibits without having to mar the walls. According to the manufacturer of the magnetic paint, the current version of the paint is stronger than my leftover can. Basically you have to add as many coats of paint as you need to built up a density of iron shavings that will be strong enough to hold your magnets. My next project is to attach magnets to some wooden trim and create a removable picture frame. I’ll keep you updated. . .

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