The Year Of The Rooster

For me, this year has been the year of the rooster. Here are 3 renditions of the same design:

The First Rooster

The White Lace Rooster

The Purple Rooster

I love how the different colors and fabrics give each rooster a completely different personality. I think I’ll try a black, white, and red rooster next.

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3 Responses to The Year Of The Rooster

  1. Aunt LoLo says:

    I love it! I was born in the year of the Rooster…and don’t take NEARLY enough pride in my cocky, LOUD little zodiac. ;-)

  2. m.o.M. says:

    The purple one makes me think Sargent Pepper meets Cindi Lauper! Love them all. Can’t wait to see the black, white and red rooster.

  3. iHanna says:

    These are so cool! Great color combos!

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