Thing-A-Day Update

Last week was a busy Thing-A-Day week which resulted in these projects:

A clock refashioning by printing a new clock face on sticker paper and carefully gluing it on the old face.

This also doubled as a book review while guest blogging on The NewNew blog:

By the way, this is a great blog to find interesting tutorials and recipes by New York/New Jersey artists and crafters.

Some quality toy making time with my darling child:

And misadventures with a soldering iron.

I’m still working on my paperclip attachment technique and got some excellent advice on the Thing-A-Day blog. One more week of daily creativity. After that I’ll need a month of decluttering and cleaning to recover from all that crafting.

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One Response to Thing-A-Day Update

  1. Jenny says:

    I love the new updated clock. I think I may try to update a thing a day for a while. There are lots of those preojects that I have been meaning to do any way. Probably should start some time.

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