Paint Chip Projects

The other day I stole into Home Depot to sneak out with a handful of paint chips. I was sure that security would stop me, but I was able to walk out with no questions asked. After winning a little notebook in Deb’s giveaway, I wanted to make a similar one from a paintchip like the one I saw on WhiMSy Love’s blog. Then Etsy started its Share Your Love initiative asking for Valentine’s cards to distribute among the recipients of Citymeals-on-Wheels. Since I had just stumbled across a paint chip card tutorial on Go Make Something, I decided to make some paint chip Valentine’s cards. That left me with one sample card. In researching this post, I found this paint chip business card tutorial by Aaron Tang.


For the mini notebook I used a 3″ by 7″ paint chip and folded the bottom edge over by 3/4.” 2.5″ from the top I made another fold and then added a final fold at 2.75″ from the top to form a 1/4 inch spine. To fill the note book I cut up some scrap paper into roughly 2.75″ by 3″ pieces. Because I tried to fill the booklet with too many pieces of paper, I couldn’t use a stapler. Instead I attached the paper by sewing it to the bottome of the notebook edge. The seam was a little unsightly and I ended up covering it with a button.

Business Card Holder

The business card holder tutorial was very clear and came with a great template for 3.5″ by 2″ business cards. I just had to adjust the image slightly to fit my 5″ by 6″ paint chip. To do this, I copied the image of the template into Photoshop and adjusted the size to 476 pixels by 559 pixels.

Valentine’s Cards

Valentine’s cards are obviously very straightforward. Take a paint chip and knock yourself out. I glued origami paper to the back of the card with rubber cement in order to cover up the print on the back. If you want to participate in the Etsy card drive, you can find the instructions here. They have a goal of delivering 18,000 cards on Valentine’s Day. The deadline to submit a card is February 2nd.

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4 Responses to Paint Chip Projects

  1. Myrnie says:

    Now how did you know I have about 100 paint chips sitting in my nightstand drawer? (We wanted to paint walls green, blue, and yellow…do you KNOW how many green, blue, and yellow paint colors there are out there?) I’ve been thinking about them all week, wondering what I should do. :) Thanks for the fun ideas!

  2. Donna says:

    These are too cute ideas!
    Who would have ever thought to use paint color samples as a craft project.
    I guess one can never underestimate the power of a crafter eh?

  3. Kimm says:

    City Meals on Wheels will be so thrilled to get these Valentines! Thank’s so much!

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