New Year’s Treats

I think I had the best New Year’s Eve ever last year!

It started out with sugar, a whole lot of it. We made marshmallows, using this recipe as recommended by the lovely Kayte, here.

Followed by peppermint bark using this recipe.

Since three’s a charm, we had to add a family of marzipan pigs.

A little voice then said: “Mommy, I’d like to go to the museum to sketch.” (Did I mention that the museum has a very large gift store?) What is a proud stage mother to do? So off we went, on an hour train ride to spent a lovely afternoon among all kinds of stuffed animals. Taxidermy is so alluring and creepy at the same time.

The year ended with a few rounds of Scrabble and Anderson and Kathy, the nerdiest and thus most lovable New Year’s Eve team around.

The Making of the Marzipan Pig

Marzipan is a great medium for sculpture and you can shape it like clay. For the four pigs and two piglets we used:

  • 8. oz of almond paste
  • powdered sugar
  • red food color

There appears to be a dispute as to the powdered sugar-almond paste ratio. Some suggest a 1:2 ratio, while others advocate adding twice as much sugar as the amount of the paste. We opted for about a quarter cup of powdered sugar. Play around with it and see what kind of consistency you like.

Knead the ingredients together. We used three drops of red food color and again, use as much as you need to get the desired color.

Shape the pig. For the body form a walnut-sized barrel. For the legs make a 1 – 1.5 inch log, cut it in even quarters. Attach the legs to the body. For the head make a small ball and attach it to the body as well. For the nose, roll a small ball and flatten it a bit. Attach the nose to the head. For the ears make two little triangles and attach them to the head. Roll out a tiny, skinny little log and curl it into a tail. If you need to, you can dab on a tiny bit of water to smooth out the connections.

Pretty straightforward stuff.

Use a toothpick to carve the eyes, nostrils, etc.

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4 Responses to New Year’s Treats

  1. Dawn says:

    OMG, what adorable little piggies! And a day sketching at the museum what fun.

  2. Anne-Marie says:

    My Mom loves Marzipan and I’ve never realized it was so easy to make. Thank you for the tutorial.

  3. tamara says:

    The pigs are adorable and funny your should mention the peppermint bark as I am currently making some right now :) (didn’t get a chance over the holidays…)

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