Earring Pair No. 1

Here is my project for the year: I want to make 99 different pairs of earrings over the course of the next 12 months. That averages about 2 pairs a week. We’ll see how I fare with this resolution. This is the first pair of the year:


For Christmas my husband gave me a bunch of tools and a bag of potato beads. While browsing for a new technique to try out, I stumbled upon the idea of a wire cage. To make these pretties you need:

  • Two 4 inch pieces of wire (22 gauge) for the cage
  • Two 3 inch pieces of wire for the wrapped loops
  • 2 beads you want to envelop in the cage
  • 2 4mm crystal beads to dangle off the loop
  • earring wire
  • bits of fine chain
  • 2 small split rings

To put them together:

The Cage

  1. Make a small loop at the end of one 4 inch wire and then begin spiraling about 2 inches of the wire. Repeat from the other end.
  2. Keep spiraling the two coils until they overlap and then pull the center of each spiral out to form the top.
  3. Insert the bead in the cage and tweak the wire around it until you arrive at a shape to your liking.

The Loop

  1. Begin creating a wrapped loop, but thread a crystal on the wire before you wrap the loop.
  2. Move the bead around in the cage until the hole aligns with the top of the bead. Then thread the straight end of the wrapped loop through the top of the cage, the bead and the bottom of the cage.
  3. Begin creating another wrapped loop at the other end of the wire, but thread the end of the chain onto the wire before wrapping it.

The Finale

  1. Attach the other end of the chain to a split ring.
  2. Attach the split ring to the earring wire
  3. Repeat the whole process with the other earring.
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One Response to Earring Pair No. 1

  1. mybloggylife says:

    These are GORGEOUS!!! Are you selling them?

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